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Our objective is to offer highly professional advice to our candidates, taking into consideration their expectations and career goals. We try to constantly grab new employment opportunities that match well our candidate’s skills and offer interesting career opportunities. We guide you throughout the recruitment process, from your job application to the signature of your contract. At Acumont we see more than just a resume, we s ee a person with professional and personal goals which match organizational values and ethics.

We talk with candidates in detail and get as much information about their experience and background as possible to ensure the job requirement is in line with their personality and experience, prior to recommending a candidate for a position. We work with candidates on their interviewing skills and give resume preparation assistance. Even if an applicant is not selected for the job, we help candidates improve their interviewing skills.

We process resumes and trainings in our specified format as per the organization’s requirements this provides applicant more chance to get selected with his/her skills and competency for the applied position.

Resume preparation tips for Candidates

Tailor your CV for the applied position

If you are applying for several positions or for different areas and organization, you should have different CV for each one, this highlights particular skills and experience relevant you possess for the applied position. Employers want to see that you have taken time to get to know their company and you are interested enough in the job offer to personalize your application. We also provide guidance to write a speculative CV, then emphasize why you would like to work in the organization where you are applying them and what you would bring to the company in your covering letter. Look closely at the language used in the job advertisement and the requirements. Use the same terminology when you write your CV. This way the recruiter will quickly identify that you have the skills and knowledge required for the position offered.

Be concise

A CV is a tool to get you an interview. You need to be informative and talk about your main experience and skills. We advise you to summarize your CV and be precise rather than including everything that you have done in your past experiences. You will have enough time to explain in detail about the information you have or don’t have in your CV during the interview. Using bullet points is a good way to organize your thoughts and write briefly. Define the key words you think are the most important to describe your profile and that match with the employer’s requirements. Your CV is more likely to stand out and make an impression if it is crisp.

Check and check again

It is very easy to make grammatical and spelling errors when writing a CV. You’ll be concentrated on your ideas and will probably overlook some mistakes. Some good CVs are rejected outright just because of grammatical mistakes. If you think you can identify them better on paper than on screen, print your CV. If you are sending your CV as an attachment in an email, it can be a good idea to send it to yourself or to one of your friends to check that the CV opens correctly and maintains its format. Get your friends and family to have a look at your CV if possible,they might notice something that you haven’t.

Justify the gaps

Any gaps in education or career must be explained.If you don’t do it, the recruiter may think you’re hiding something.If you went travelling for a year or were unemployed for more than 5-6 months, mention the same in your CV.

Highlight your interests

Be specific when you list your activities.Instead of just writing “exhibitions”,write “modern art exhibitions” for instance. Employers like to have some information related to your personality and interests to determine your personality. They may ask you about your leisure pursuits in the interview.This is the opportunity for you to develop a better relation with the recruiter.

Get feedback

Get feedback from people who know you. They may be able to help you to find your main strengths if you are under-selling yourself.

Share us your resume at for our recruiters to help you find the best opportunities for you.
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